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What do my membership fees and joining fees pay for?

The Berkeley Heights Community Pool operates independently from the town of Berkeley Heights and therefore is not subsidized by township funds or taxpayer money. The pool is funded solely by capital contributions (joining fees) and membership fees. The pool is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees and managed by staff members that are not municipal employees. For more information see About Us. 

Why don’t non-residents pay a joining fee (capital contribution)?

Non-resident members pay a higher annual membership fee. Berkeley Heights residents enjoy the lower resident fee for life, and can serve on the Board of Trustees.

I am joining after the pool season started; will my dues be pro-rated?

No. Dues are never pro-rated.

My child is the only one in the family that uses the pool; can he/she join as an individual?

Your child must be 14+ years old and an incoming 9th grader to qualify for a teen pass. See Special Membership.

My family is one adult and one senior; do I have to pay the family rate?

You may join as one individual and one senior. 

My family is one adult, one senior and one child; is the family rate discounted for the senior?


Do you have a membership category for a single parent and one child?

There is no special category. A family of 2 is a family membership.

My niece/nephew is visiting for the summer; can I add him/her to my family membership?

The definition of a family membership, as stated in the by-laws, does not include nieces or nephews. The question of adding a niece or nephew to a family membership has been raised to the Board of Trustees in the past. The policy has been to treat the niece or nephew the same way as a family babysitter is treated and to charge accordingly. The same holds true for grandchildren.

For shorter visits, you may be able to take advantage of the pre-purchased guest pass.

I cannot afford to join the pool, is financial assistance available?

There is a limited amount of assistance available so that families suffering financial hardship can join the pool. Please contact the Board of Trustees at

Membership | Pool Use | Wristbands | Guests | Lessons | Swim Team

Pool Use:

Can I buy a day pass for the pool?

No. You may use the pool as the guest of a member, all guests are charged a fee, please see the Guest Fees page for more information.

My grandchildren are visiting for the week; can I bring them to the pool?

If you are a member of the pool, you may bring your grandchildren as guests.

Can I try the pool out for a day?

No. You must be a member or the guest of a member to use the pool.

Can I use the pool the same day I sign up?

Yes. If you join while the pool is open, you will be given a wristband to wear. Your wristband will be ready for pick up at the front desk the same day you sign up.

What is the Deep Water Swim Policy?

All swimmers below the age of 14 are required to take a deep water test in order to swim in the center and deep sections of the pool. The test is required, even if a swimmer took a swim test in previous seasons. Wristbands will be distributed to swimmers ages 3-13 based on swimming ability, not age.

What are the requirements to use the yellow slide?

A child needs to have a yellow or green wristband

What are the requirements to use the blue slide?

Children must have a green wristband to use the blue slide.

Can a child with a green wristband enter the pool without an adult?

Children with green wristbands are 10 through 13 years old and have passed the deep water test. These children are permitted to be on the pool grounds without an adult 18 or older if there is a signed permission form on file. The youth permission form can be filled out at the front desk.

Are floatation devices permitted in the pool?

Flotation devices are not permitted in the pool unless the floatation device is US Coast Guard approved.

Does my child need to wear a swim diaper?

Children who are not yet potty trained need to wear both a swim diaper AND plastic swim pants. Plastic swim pants are available at the front desk for $1 each.

Can I swim during home swim meets?

Swimming is limited during home swim meets. The deep water tank is closed. The lanes in the 5 and 4 foot sections are used for the meets. Only the shallow end of the big pool and the baby pool are available for use. See the Swim Team page for the meet schedule.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted on pool grounds?

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on pool grounds.

Membership | Pool Use | Wristbands | Guests | Lessons | Swim Team


Why do children need to wear wristbands?

Your wristband certifies that you belong to the pool for the current year, it color codes your swimming ability and privileges, and it serves as identification in the event of an emergency. Wristbands are used by the lifeguards to identify each member’s swimming ability. See the Files page for all wristband colors and rules.

I just registered online.  When will I receive my swipe card and wristbands?  

Wristbands and swipe cards are picked up at the front desk. If you joined pre-season, your wristbands and swipe cards will be available starting Opening Day (Saturday of Memorial Day weekend). Wristbands are distributed by the front desk staff. New members will receive swipe cards.  Returning members will reuse swipe cards from last year.  A replacement swipe card is $10 and can be purchased at the front desk.   The first wristband is free, and any replacement wristband is $5 and can be purchased at the front desk. 

Will I receive my pool wristbands in the mail?

No. Wristbands are picked up at the front desk.

We are new family members; why was my 11 year old given a yellow wristband?

For safety reasons, all new members 13 and under are restricted to the shallow end of the pool until they pass the deep water test demonstrating that they can swim well enough to be permitted in water over their head. 

What is the deep water test?

The deep water test is administered by the lifeguards and determines a child’s swimming abilities.  To pass the deep water test a child must swim four lengths of the dive tank, three freestyle and one on their back immediately after they must tread water for 1 minute without touching the wall or taking a break.

Once the deep water test is passed, a child aged 7-9 receives a purple wristband, and a child aged 10-13 receives a red wristband.

What happens if I forget my wristband?

If you forget your wristband, you will be given a paper temporary wristband.

What happens if I lose my wristband or swipe card?

You must pay for a replacement at the front desk: $10 for replacement swipe card and $5 for replacement wristband.

Can friends of my family borrow my wristband?

No. Borrowing a wristband is considered theft of service.

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Can I bring guests to the pool?

Yes. Please see Guest Fees page for rates.

Each guest is permitted into the pool a maximum of 4 times during the summer.  Adults must pay guest fees even if they are not swimming.

Which members can bring guests?

Members ages 12-13 with a green wristband may bring guests 12+ without a guardian. Members 14-18 can bring guests 14+ without a guardian. Adult members can bring guests of any age.

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My child can only attend half of the lessons; can I pay half the price?

No. Lessons are not pro-rated.

Can my child attend one or two weeks of one session and one or two weeks of another session and pay for a single session?

No. Your child would be taking a full slot for both sessions and class sizes are limited. In addition, swim classes are taught from lesson plans that progress throughout the session.

Membership | Pool Use | Wristbands | Guests | Lessons | Swim Team

Swim Team: 

Do you have to be a member of the pool to join the Swim Team?

Yes, Swim Team is for members only. Swimmers that are 14 years of age or older and entering 9th grade may join with a teen pass. Swimmers younger than 14 must be part of a family membership. 

Does my child need to try out for the Swim Team?

No, all children ages 5-18 are allowed on the swim team, no prior experience is necessary.  We also have a pre-team for the child who does not want to compete in meets but wants to work on their strokes while being part of the BHCP swim team.

What other activities besides Swim Team are available for kids?

We also offer group swim lessons, tennis, diving, and basketball clinics.  Please see the Activities tab for more information.