2018 August Membership

This membership rate applies for all Berkeley Heights Community Pool members.  The membership fee helps pay for regular operating costs of the pool.

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2018 August Memberships (Please click on the button below to Register)

Membership Type

August - Senior Adult
August - Senior Couple
August - Teen
August - Family
August - Adult
August - Mother's Helper
August - Nanny

Senior Adult Membership

  • Defined as the member turning 62+ in the calendar year of pool season.

Senior Couple Membership

  • Defined as both members turning 62+ in the calendar year of pool season.

Teen Membership  

  • This membership is for a teen ages 12-17.  A teen member must be a minimum age of 12 or an incoming 7th grader. The teen must be a resident of Berkeley Heights or part of a family membership in 2017. Teen memberships do not qualify for free guest passes.

Family Membership

  • Defined as up to two adults and all unmarried children under the age of 25 residing within the same household.

Adult Membership

  • Defined as the member turning 18+ in the calendar year of pool season.

Mother’s Helper Membership  

  • This membership is required for a babysitter age 12 and up who does not reside in the family residence but will be coming to BHCP. The mother’s helper must be accompanied to BHCP at all times by an adult in the family. This membership does not qualify for free guest passes.

Nanny Membership  

  • This membership is required for all nannies and is defined as a membership for a third adult caregiver (age 16 and up) who brings the family to the pool. This membership does not qualify for free guest passes.

Swipe cards will be issued for all members (ages 18 months and above) and photos must be taken prior to the member’s first visit to BHCP.  Each member must swipe their card at the Front Desk every time they enter the facility. Members may pick up their swipe cards and have their photos taken starting May 1, 2018 at the Berkeley Heights YMCA located at 550 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ, 07922 (directions) or at the Summit YMCA located at 67 Maple Street, Summit, NJ, 07901 (directions

Each membership unit includes 5 free guest passes per season. The cost per guest pass is listed below. Guest must be accompanied by BHCP member and Guest Passes expire December 31, 2018. Members may purchase additional guest passes when needed. Review complete guest pass rules here.

 Weekend Guest Pass | All Guests

 Weekday Guest Pass | Adults & Children (Ages 12+)

 Weekday Guest Pass | Children (Ages 11 & Under)

 $5 After 5PM Guest Pass | All Guests

Any questions on registration, please e-mail bhcpmembership@thesay.org.

As a nonprofit, the Summit Area YMCA is committed to enhancing the lives of individuals and families in our community. We do so by offering financial assistance to those with demonstrated need so that they may enjoy all the Y has to offer, regardless of their ability to pay. This helps us ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.  For more information about financial assistance, please email bhcpfa@thesay.org or complete this application.

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