Special Rates

Teen pass  - this membership is for a child whose family has initiation fees paid-in-full, and even though the family no longer attends, the teen would like to continue as a member.  To qualify, the teen must be age 14 and over and must be at least an incoming 9th grader. This is for BH residents only.

Nanny membership  - this membership is required for a third adult caregiver who brings the family to the pool.

Mother’s helper – this membership is required for a babysitter over the age of 12 not residing in the family residence.  The mother’s helper must be accompanied to the pool at all times by an adult in the family.

Membership Fee

Teen Pass
(14+ and incoming 9th grader)

Nanny Membership
(age 16+)

Mothers’ Helper
(age 12+)

Early Bird #1

(Nov. 1 to
Dec. 31, 2015)

+ 5 free guest pass points



Early Bird #2

(January 1 to February 29, 2016)

+ 2 free guest pass points




(March 1 to April 30)




After May 1




Anyone needing hardship assistance, please e-mail trustees@bhcpool.com and a Board Member will contact you to discuss options.  The pool manager is not authorized to approve financial assistance.